Published on 6/05/2012

More and more, I’ve found that when I seek out a person online, I’ll look to their Twitter account as a primary means of communication. Why? Because Twitter affords me an instant snapshot of that person at any given time. I know that if I view a Twitter profile I’ll inevitably be able to find that persons website, their current topics of interest and a whole host of other information.

Which is why, when it comes to digital attribution, I’ll usually opt for a Twitter username (as can be seen here). But the problem I’ve always faced is finding a nice way to present that information, which is why today I’m releasing Nabatar.

Nabatar is a simple jQuery plugin that attempts to put names to faces. It automatically detects the inclusion of Twitter and Facebook usernames in text content and converts those mentions to avatar-embedded profile links.

For more information, check out the projects Github page:

Nabatar is a jQuery extension with a simple premise: put faces next to the names of Twitter and Facebook users you mention on your blog. Mention a Twitter user and Nabatar will convert that text into a profile link along with that users current avatar.

Nabatar aims to be fairly lightweight and easily styled. Checkout nabatar.css for an example of how one might go about styling its output.

If you’ve got any questions, drop me a line: @nialgiacomelli.