20+ new reading worksheets for elementary and middle school

March is Reading Month! For educators, this is a time to discover engaging resources that foster reading comprehension, develop vocabulary, and inspire a love of reading and writing among their students.

To equip teachers with the tools they need, we’ve curated a list of 20+ new reading worksheets for elementary and middle school students. These worksheets offer a variety of themes and activities to inspire budding readers in grades PreK through 8th.

Elementary school worksheets

Beginning Sounds: Toys (Kindergarten)

Build foundational phonics skills with fun images! Using this worksheet, you can help your kindergarteners practice identifying the first sounds of familiar toys. Kids will say the name of each stuffed animal and find its beginning sound, like “b” for “bee” and “z” for “zebra.” They will also solidify their knowledge by tracing the first letter of each word.

Short Vowel CVC Word Ladder Worksheets (1st Grade)

Tailored for first grade, this set of 5 worksheets will strengthen your student’ phonics skills, having them decode and encode short vowel CVC words like “map” and “cat.” Children will start at the bottom of the ladder, changing one letter from each word to create new words as they make their way to the top. The helpful picture clues will help them as they progress through each worksheet in the set!

Wonder Novel Study (4th-6th Grade)

Explore the heartwarming story of R.J. Palacio’s Wonder with this novel study containing pre- and post- reading activities, as well as discussion guides and bonus challenges for students who want to go above and beyond.

The study guide delves into the novel’s themes of kindness and empathy, and the activities tie to different chapters, serving as helpful check-in points as students make their way through the story. Using this comprehensive twelve-part guide, learners will delve into character development and plot elements, forming connections with this tale of courage and friendship.

Walk Two Moons: Inferences, Cause and Effect, and Point of View (5th-7th Grade)

These three targeted reading skills worksheets are tailored for fifth, sixth, and seventh grade and are based on the popular novel Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech.

Each companion activity will guide students through the chapters of the book using exercises to help them make inferences, understand cause and effect, and decipher the perspectives of the characters. As they read short excerpts from the text, your learners will develop literary analysis skills, honing their ability to read between the lines and grasp the intricacies of the novel.

Middle school worksheets

Word Study Choice Board (4th-8th Grade)

As the end of the school year approaches, empower students to take charge of their vocabulary review with this versatile choice board. Offering a range of activities from crafting riddles to personifying the vocabulary word, this worksheet encourages students to engage with words in dynamic ways.

Learners will have the freedom to choose exercises that resonate with their interests, making vocabulary building a personalized and enjoyable experience.

Grammar Review: Adjectives and Verbs (6th-8th Grade)

Sharpen grammar skills in grades sixth, seventh, and eight! This focused review worksheet on adjectives and verbs features twelve sentences that help learners practice differentiating between adverbs. This helpful grammar worksheet will strengthen their reading skills, having them review these important parts of speech while improving their grasp of the English language.

Vocabulary Toolkit (4th-8th Grade)

Equip students with the tools they need to expand their vocabulary with this comprehensive vocabulary toolkit of 10 worksheets! It features word maps, vocabulary lists, note cards, and other unique exercises to reinforce word meanings.

For a deeper diver into each worksheet in the toolkit, check out this new blog post:

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