Math gone digital! The 20 most popular Interactive Worksheets for math

Since launched Interactive Worksheets in August 2023, we’ve added over 1,000 digital math worksheets to our site, and we’re publishing more every week!

Interactive Worksheets are dynamic digital worksheets that students can complete on a laptop or tablet. Kids can review their mistakes as they go, creating an intuitive learning experience. Plus, features like one-click assignments and instant grading save time for teachers and parents.

Digital worksheets have quickly become a favorite among educators and parents alike. These are our 20 most popular Interactive Worksheets for math, from counting to arithmetic and everything in between:

1. Missing Numbers 1-100

This hundreds chart is missing some numbers, marked by yellow stars. Engage students in recognizing patterns in the number sequence by having them fill in the gaps in the grid. This Interactive Worksheet allows them to have multiple tries until they get the right answer—no printing required!

2. One-Minute Multiplication

The 60-second countdown starts now! How many multiplication questions can your third or fourth-graders complete in a minute? If they choose the digital version of this worksheet, they’ll have the chance to beat their own score, sharpening multiplication skills with each attempt.

3. Circle the Number

Preschool learners can practice number identification with this Interactive Worksheet! Encourage them to count the fun shapes and circle the correct numbers from 0 to 10. This will help build foundational math skills like counting and one-to-one correspondence.

4. Double Addition & Subtraction

Double the challenge with double-digit numbers! This Interactive Worksheet serves as a bridge to mathematical fluency, guiding second and third grade students through skills like place value identification and regrouping. After clicking “submit,” they’ll get immediate feedback, allowing them to learn from their mistakes as they go!

5. One-Minute Addition

Ready, set, race against the clock in the 1-Minute Addition challenge! Designed for first graders, this Interactive Worksheet tests speed and accuracy by having students solve a series of addition problems in just one minute. Kids will fill in the blanks, easily typing the answers and receiving instant grading.

6. Equivalent Fractions

Identify the matching pieces of pie, and learn about fractions as you go! Third and fourth-grade students will match up equivalent fractions in a visual way, counting the shaded parts of each pie to find the missing numerators. Through real-time grading, they will receive the personalized support they need to streamline their progress.

7. Mixed Minute Math

Challenge students with this set of 48 mixed math problems! Put their skills to the test with a variety of one- and two-digit addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems. They’ll need to quickly reference math facts and switch modes to address each unique question.

The best part is you can share this Interactive Worksheet with students as a direct assignment, allowing them to complete it in Brainzy, our student-focused learning platform that eliminates distractions. Alternatively, you can create a direct share link for students and paste it into an email, Google Classroom, or another learning management system, tailoring their math practice to your preferred digital platform!

8. Pineapple Math: Two-Digit Addition

Beginners will love this two-digit addition worksheet because there’s no regrouping required! Ease children into two-digit arithmetic by laying the groundwork first, helping them recognize concepts like place value before they move onto more complex math problems.

Second and third graders can easily enter the answers on a laptop or tablet, and as they view their mistakes in real time, they increase their knowledge retention.

9. Superstar Addition

First graders can become math superstars by counting the stars in each box! They’ll write number sentences and solve one-digit addition problems to earn their place among the math stars.

Once the instant grades are in for this assignment, it’s easy for educators to track results. Under the “My Assignments” page, you can view a grade book of all your students’ assignments and grades at once, freeing up some time in your day.

10. Addition to 20 Check-In

Check your child’s addition skills with this Interactive Worksheet! With this straightforward digital resource, they’ll practice adding numbers up to 20 and get instant feedback, creating an intuitive learning experience.

11. 2-Digit Multiplication

Learn to multiply two-digit numbers by one-digit numbers! Some regrouping is required, but this Interactive Worksheet features example problems to help guide students. Have them tackle these 26 problems, and watch them gain fluency in two-digit multiplication.

12. How Many Are There?

Preschoolers and kindergarteners love colors! Use the multicolored shapes in this Interactive Worksheet to get them excited about counting, categorizing, and determining patterns. They’ll count the 16 triangles, circles, squares, and stars and will answer questions about their size, shape, and hue.

13. Fractions Quiz

Test your child’s fractions knowledge with this engaging quiz! They’ll answer five multiple choice questions about shaded pie charts, checking their understanding as they learn to connect 2-D fraction models to numbers.

14. Decimal Operations

Master adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing decimals with this one-pager! Designed for advanced learners in grades fifth, sixth, and seventh, this practice sheet offers a comprehensive review of decimal operations.

After answering the 21 questions, students receive their results as part of a 3-star system and can review which questions they answered correctly. They can then attempt the worksheet again for a chance to improve their score and get all three stars!

15. Math Review: Multi-Digit Division

Level up learning with this set of 30 long division problems! Fifth and sixth graders will boost their arithmetic skills by solving the three and four-digit division problems in this Interactive Worksheet. They have the option to write out their answers with a pencil or type them into the digital form.

16. Addition Under the Sea

This playful ocean-themed Interactive Worksheet helps kids work on two-digit by one-digit addition without regrouping. Encourage your child to practice the math they have learned and even introduce them to new concepts while exploring the sea and its creatures.

17. Count & Add Blocks

Stack up the building blocks of math with this Interactive Worksheet for first and second grade! Using counting blocks provides a tangible way for kids to understand abstract mathematical concepts. They’ll count the blocks and add the numbers together to solidify their two-digit addition skills.

18. Practice Test: Counting Money

Prepare your student for the real-world applications of math with this coin counting practice test! They’ll total up groups of coins and solve thought-provoking word problems about money math.

The digital version of this worksheet has a “token select” format, meaning that kids will click on their answer to each question and press “submit” to see if their selection was correct!

19. Simple Addition and Subtraction

Go back to the basics using this first-grade Interactive Worksheet! Students can solve 24 simple one-digit addition and subtraction equations and grow their comfort with foundational arithmetic skills.


Help students master the order of operations with this Interactive Worksheet on PEMDAS! Designed for grades fifth and sixth, this digital tool briefly explains PEMDAS and then asks students to practice solving 9 unique equations, testing their knowledge of parentheses, exponents, multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction.

More Interactive Worksheets

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